Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aerial Views of L.A.

These stunning pics of L.A. were taken in 1978 by Don Ray. More of his pics plus great details are posted on his blog at Don Ray Friends and Hideaways.

 Those are Bunker Hills Towers in the foreground.  Don adds an interesting bit of information that I had not previously known.  Grand Avenue used to be called Charity St. back when Bunker Hill still had its magnificent mansions.  Bunker Hill was cleverly bordered by Hope and Charity.  This changed because the affluent residents did not enjoy informing people that they lived on Charity.  Hahaha!

The Bonaventure in the foreground and the LA Public Library before the great fire that sadly destroyed its collections.  It's great to compare these photos to today's views and see how the city has transformed. 

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