Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sartorially Speaking...

I'm in love with retro looks.  I eagerly anticipate the new arrivals at ModCloth and enjoy browsing through eBay and etsy listings.  I began this love affair long before the premiere of Mad Men.  Growing up as a Latina in L.A., I unavoidably developed a romantic obsession with The Smiths & Morrissey (*sigh* even in his 50s, that man can make me swoon!), Bettie Page and all things greaser.  And with nostalgia being so intrinsic in the immigrant family's psyche, Spanish oldies were always blasting out of our prized home stereo on Saturday mornings.  (While these references point to a love-affair with mid-century fashion and design, I'm really all over the place... I drool over the fashions of my beloved 1930s films, too.)  So of course, I totally welcomed the Mad Men craze!  And I am even more delighted to hear that the show's Emmy-nominated costume designer, Janie Bryant will be launching her own line called Mod on QVC in September!  Hello birthday presents!  The items are priced from $26 to $138... more expensive than thrift stores and garage sales but still, not too steep.  What a lovely resource for retro-themed celebrations!  Below is a preview of a couple of items from the collection originally published at Stylist.com

and now for some silly humor... ah, Sesame Street... you're always there to remind me to stop taking things so seriously  :)

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