Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kitty Postcards!

This year, my partner and I rescued an orphaned kitten.  He was found with his umbilical cord still attached and he needed a lot of TLC.  We didn't like cats at all but the baby needed a home.  We named him Yeya for the way his cries sounded as a baby and because we thought he was a girl - lol.  Many people offered their love and support... some wondered if he would even survive.  But he did and is now a healthy four-month-old kitty!  My friends came over for a meet and greet after not having seen him since he was a newborn... they were delighted!   I created these postcards to thank them for their visit and all of their love.  I thought it would be really sweet to have them written from Yeya's perspective.

One of the cards was addressed to a very close friend who took care of Yeya during his first week while we prepared for his arrival.  

These were the simplest cards to make.  All I needed were 4x6 blank cards... you can make postcards out of just about anything as long as they meet USPS specifications.  And they're cheaper to send - 28 cents!  I also picked up a stamp pad with non-toxic, child safe, washable ink... I shop at Joann's because they're close to my house and send out great coupons if you're on their mailing list. The designs can be more ornate if you wish but I wanted it to keep mine simple. 

Yeya doesn't mind making the art; it's the clean up that he sometimes isn't cool with.  So I've made that  easy on the both of us by having wet napkins ready to quickly wipe off the ink from his paw.  His fur causes the fuzzy lines but I think it looks adorable and realistic.  I had him stamp a few postcards and greeting cards in one sitting so I don't have to bother him later.

Create & enjoy!!!


  1. Love it! Just great, especially because they're cheaper and they can be very brief.