Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buenas Epocas...

One of my very first posts was about my obsession with all things vintage... music especially, Spanish oldies in particular.  The video I linked was of one of my favorite 60's salvy jams by Los Vikings called Y En Cambio Tu.  So naturally, I am totally excited about this new documentary entitled Buenas Epocas: La Nueva Ola de El Salvador (Good Times: The New Wave of El Salvador).  From my understanding, it was pretty revolutionary for Central American music... the first time there was a youth driven wave of music... and it was Rock n' Roll *gasp!*  These songs remind me of Saturday mornings when my family would blast them in the house.  So glad this film was made!  My mom will be sooo excited!  The screening will be this weekend at the gorgeous Million Dollar Theater in downtown.  The theater was the hub for Spanish-language films and entertainment during the 1940s and has continued with that legacy ever since.  It's part of the Historic Broadway Theater District.  The film screenings will be coupled with performances from some of the bands.  Later in the month, there will be a larger concert at Hollywood Park Casino... my mom will love it! 

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